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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Table Tennis Tournament Updates and Florida News


Bud Stout is a Table Tennis icon in the sprawling retirement community known as The Villages, Florida. This fast growing senior community has numerous activities available for the residents. In fact, each week a 50+ page newsletter is published with all the various events and activities. It is an exhausting list of so many possibilities. One of the hundreds of choices is Table Tennis and the man who has been the master of promoting this Olympic sport is now retiring. The Villages Table Tennis Club has been heralded as one of the best Table Tennis Clubs in the entire nation, and Bud Stout should be proud.

Stout started The Villages Table Tennis Club on September 10, 2006. Under his leadership the club has blossomed and now has almost 200 members. Table Tennis is one of the most popular sports in The Villages and as a result, The Villages players usually dominate the Florida Senior Games State Championship in Table Tennis. 

Bud is a native of Louisville, Kentucky but has lived in Florida since 2003 with his lovely wife Nancy. Stout began playing Table Tennis as a youngster, but went for many years without playing. After moving to The Villages, he saw a few people playing Table Tennis and realized that this was a good sport that is reasonably safe, offers fun, exercise and a challenge. 

As President of the club, Stout has been instrumental in establishing quarterly social activities, club tournaments, blood drives and monthly ladies luncheons. Table Tennis has continued to grow in popularity throughout The Villages with numerous recreation centers providing opportunities to participate in the sport. 

Stout gives credit to many individuals who helped him with the development of the club. Bobbie Olson, the Vice President and Bob Geremia, the Treasurer are just two of the many members who assisted Bud in the growth of the club. He also credits his wife, Nancy, with being his number one supporter. There are just too many people to name them all, but Stout is thankful for everyone who was a part of the success.

Countless friendships have been established with the multitude of Table Tennis related activities in The Villages. Stout indicates that this is one of the rewards that he cherishes. He often hears comments about this being the best club in The Villages and how some people have moved to The Villages because of all the Table Tennis activities. These types of stories are indeed the legacy of Bud Stout. His strong leadership made the difference and has resulted in a large membership with an excellent future.

Bud Stout will officially retire on September 14, 2015 after serving proudly for nine years. He plans to continue playing the sport he loves, meeting the many friends he has made over the years and seeing all the smiling, friendly faces. He has been a true inspiration for all of us who enjoy Table Tennis. We all owe Bud a great deal of appreciation and we are thankful for his accomplishments as the founder and President of The Villages Table Tennis Club.



Tournament officials at the Lakeland Table Tennis Association have reminded players that this is the last week to register for the two-day USATT sanctioned Table Tennis Tournament in Lakeland, Florida. The major Two-Star tournament will be held on August 14-15, 2015. Players are registering from all over the state of Florida and other states. A maximum of 121 players can register for the wildly popular Colossal Round Robin Singles Event on Saturday.

Trophies for the top four places and a total of $2000.00 is available for winners in all the various events. Lunch is provided for all the players on Saturday. In addition, participants win Series Points for each tournament they enter and have a chance to win the Newgy Robot valued at $899.00 at the end of the season.

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