flipping paddle

flipping paddle

Monday, January 2, 2017

Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour Is Expanding for 2017 Season



In a very important announcement for Table Tennis in Florida, the Jacksonville Ishaka Table Tennis Club has officially joined the Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour. The addition of Jacksonville now spreads the coverage area across the state of Florida. Tour sites now include Clearwater, Lakeland, Orlando and now Jacksonville. Clearwater, Lakeland and Orlando have already committed to two exciting tour tournaments in 2017 and Jacksonville has scheduled one tour tournament, for a total of seven USATT sanctioned tournaments so far this season. Jacksonville may add another tournament at a later date and a couple of other clubs may also join the tour this year.

The Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour will again offer a deluxe model of the famous Newgy Robot for the winner and additional cash prizes approaching $500.00 for the top finalists in tour points during the season. Players earn Tour Points at each Mid-Florida tournament in each event for First, Second, Third and Fourth Place. The Tour Points accumulate during each of the seven tournaments and the players with the highest number of Tour Points will be eligible for the prizes. All classes and events are eligible, regardless of the player’s rating or rank.

To find out all the information about the Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour, just visit the special website listed here:  http://www.floridatt.com/midfloridatt

The first Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour will be held on January 28, 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. You can view the Entry Form on the following website:  http://hunterinthemorning.com/ishaka/

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