flipping paddle

flipping paddle

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Table Tennis Celebration and Tournament in Lakeland, Florida


Brad Woodington, the President and Tournament Director for Lakeland Table Tennis Association, has invited all Table Tennis players, fans and supporters to attend the upcoming Celebration and tournament in Lakeland, Florida on October 28-29, 2016. Woodington emphasized that this will be the last tournament of 2016 in Lakeland, Florida. It will also be the final tournament of the Florida Orange Blossom Table Tennis Series and will decide the winners of the great prizes at the end of the season. The prizes include over $400 in cash and a top of the line Newgy Robot, valued at close to $900.00. 

The Celebration centers around the FIFTEEN consecutive years of USATT sanctioned tournaments held in Lakeland, Florida and sponsored by the Lakeland Table Tennis Association. Woodington had a specially designed collector item Table Tennis Pin manufactured that will be presented to all registered players of this final tournament of 2016, which marks the 15 years of continuous tournaments. 

In addition to the special Table Tennis pin, a huge celebration decorated cake will be available at the tournament. Woodington will also recognize any and all players who are in attendance, who were also present at the first Lakeland Tournament on October 19, 2002. It should be a fun time for all with a great celebration and the last tournament of the year in Lakeland.


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