flipping paddle

flipping paddle

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Table Tennis News From Florida


The Lakeland Table Tennis Association will be celebrating fifteen years of continuous USATT sanctioned tournaments at their October 28-29, 2016 tournament. The very first sanctioned tournament was held on October 19. 2002. Brad Woodington, the President and Tournament Director of the Lakeland Table Tennis Association has plans for an awesome celebration. The celebration will include a great collector's item with a special commemorative pin to be provided for all registered players at this final tournament of the 2016 season at Lakeland. In addition, Woodington announced a special Fifteenth Anniversary Cake will be provided for all players. All players in attendance who were at the original tournament fifteen years ago will also be recognized during the celebration. 
More details about the special tournament will be announced as the plans are completed.

Registration is now open for the October 28-29, 2016 special tournament. 

To Register on-line for the tournament, CLICK HERE

To view a list of current registered players, CLICK HERE 

To view the current Series Points Standings, CLICK HERE

This is the FINAL Florida Orange Blossom Series Tournament of 2016. The Series Points will be totaled after this tournament to determine the winner of the great Newgy Robot, valued at almost $900.00 and an additional $400 to be distributed to the top winners of the Florida Orange Blossom Series. 

We hope to see everyone at this final and special tournament of the year in Lakeland, Florida!

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