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flipping paddle

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Poly Balls Meet With Approval by Players/Other News


As most players are now aware, a shift has been made from the old celluloid table tennis balls to the new poly balls. Change is often met with resistance, due mostly to the unknown and the desire for the status quo. Players were rightfully concerned when this new ball was forced on the tournament level players. The early production balls from several prominent table tennis suppliers were terrible. The breakage rate and the actual way the ball bounced and played off the surface of many types of rubber was not well received at all. Many of the new poly balls, especially the ones with seams, were just not acceptable and complaints were heard from most players who had to endure a tournament with the inferior balls. Some players said they were much like the old 10 cents balls that came out of a ball dispensing machine at a recreation center.

In light of the above, several table tennis clubs experimented with various poly balls and it appears that there has been a measure of success with at least one brand in particular. The new Nexy 3 Star Poly 40+ Table Tennis Ball came through the recent tournament in Lakeland, Florida with flying colors.  The breakage rate was much lower than expected and was even less than the old style celluloid balls. Most of the players seemed to adjust to the new seamless ball and by the end of the tournament day, there were very few complaints and mostly compliments. The new seamless Nexy Ball is an overall success for tournament level play. The chances are that other manufacturers will improve upon the balls they currently have available, some of which are still not acceptable, with uneven seams and a high breakage rate.

As more and more players adjust to the new balls, the old celluloid balls will go the way of the 38 mm balls, which even now are only distant memories for some. Long live Table Tennis!



Bill Mitcheson from the Cocoa Beach Table Tennis Club has announced that he intends to give the Super Big Ball Table Tennis (44 mm size balls) a try at their club in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The sport is relatively new to the USA, with only two official SBBTTA sanctioned tournaments held so far in our country. The super big ball sport is wildly popular in Japan and is growing in popularity in Europe, especially in Germany. Hopefully, events will soon be offered in various tournaments around the USA. A new website for SBBTTA has already been set up for the USA with ratings and rules posted for this exciting new sport.  There are already five additional big ball tournaments scheduled for 2015 with one being at the upcoming Florida Sunshine State Games in June. For more information about Super Big Ball Table Tennis, you can visit the new website to view the USA Rating Leaders and the rules and other information:


Registration is now underway for the State Sponsored Florida Sunshine State Games--Table Tennis which is scheduled for June 20-21, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday). Players can enter events on both days or just one of the two days. This is a USATT sanctioned tournament with 24 Butterfly Tournament Tables available for the competition. Players from all over Florida, with different skill levels are expected to attend. All ages and all skill levels are welcome to this exciting two day event. The new Poly 40+ ball will be used (white) in this tournament. The tournament is sponsored by the Florida Sports Foundation and is hosted by the Lakeland Table Tennis Association. The tournament will be held at the Simpson Park Community Center in Lakeland, Florida.

For more information and on-line registration, please go to the following link:

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